Hasan Mahmood

3D animation/creative concepting/ creative direction/art direction Primarily for event based exhibitions. Since the pandemic my work has heavily moved in the digital realm. I have worked in all the "R"s. AR building assets. XR building environments and MR building sets for live broadcast. Also worked on concepting and building web, game engine, based projects.

Clients such as:

Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, Nike, Amazon, Warner Media, The North Face, Lululemon, TikTok, Coachella, JBL, Samsung, AT&T, Sandbox VR, Segment and more

Skills such as:

Cinema 4d, Redshift, Octane, Projection Mapping, 3D Scanning, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, User Experience Design, Adobe Suite, XParticles, Realflow, MoCap, Resolve, Photography/Videography, Some Unreal, Some Marvelous Design, Some Touch Designer, Some Houdini, and various other plugins and apps

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Adidas x Prada Re-Nylon
w/ dotdotdash

Roles:   - Creative Concepting
         - 3D Animation
         - Pre Production
The Tetracube was a concept I was a part of creating. I was involved in the ideation and pre production renders that was sold a year, or so later, to Adidas x Prada for the Re-Nylon experience.

Through robotically programmed paths, a virtual camera relative to viewers optimal position on-site, lighting and projection mapping playback techniques, the sculpture can drive incredible illusions for viewers, based on artists leverage of the 3D scene relative to the physical canvas positions.

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