Hasan Mahmood

3d lead/ 3d animation/ interactive design/ ai animation/creative concepting/ creative direction/art direction/ projection mapping/ 3d capture.

Primarily work for event based exhibitions on various screen spaces. I have worked in AR, VR, XR, MR, building assets and enviroments for real time and/or prerendered content or experiences. I have 3d lead and creative directed: physical spaces, interactive art installation, as well as, building web and game engine projects

Clients such as:

Newlab, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, Nike, Amazon, Warner Media, The North Face, Lululemon, TikTok, Coachella, JBL, Samsung, AT&T, Sandbox VR, Segment and more

Skills such as:

Cinema 4d, Redshift, Octane, Projection Mapping, AI Image/ Animation stable diffusion, 3D Scanning, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, User Experience Design, Adobe Suite, XParticles, Realflow, MoCap, Resolve, Photography/ Videography, Some Unreal, Some Marvelous Design, Some Touch Designer, Some Houdini, and various other plugins and apps

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Newlab x NBRR human meet machine

Creative Direction/ 3D Lead of a robotics driven realtime mixed-reality project in collaboration with Newlab and NBRR in Detroit that explores the future of humankind's intertwined creative relationship with technology. visualizing dense scans Detroit city, driven by human interaction.

Features an autonomous robot driven enviroment with an exploration of a geo-spatial visualization of dense photogrammetry, driven by a user input sensor grid, streaming data into a realtime endlessly unique angle of a robot and human collaboaritive guided creation.

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Mizaji Gallery

Co-founder/Creator/Curator/Web design/ads/ producing of a digital physical gallery. A physical location lives in Portland and people around the world can visit its digital double made in Unreal, showcasing digital artists from around the world.

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Heron Preston x Calvin Klein

Creative direction/Art direction/ 3D animation/ 3D scanning/ producing on an online experience of a collaboration drop by Calvin Klein and Heron Preston.

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The North Face Futurelight

3D Animation/ Creative concepting. TNF released a new material and was presetned with a pyramid and robotic top that was actively projection mapped in motion.

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Compound Gallery ‘Art of Protest’

built assets used in a Unity based online gallery replica of the physical gallery. The show was geared towards BLM in the peak of protests.

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Adidas x Champs Goodbye Gravity

3D Scanning/ 3D animation/ AR asset development for a an Adidas x Champs Sports campaign.

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Adidas x Prada re-nylon

Creative concept and ideation on robot screen tech. Created concept and 3D renders of the Tetra cube, a robot instalation later used for an Adidas x Prada campaign.

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Dolby Digital x Amazon Fire TV

3D animation. Projeciton mapping and forced perpective immersive projections with spatialized audio.

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Other 3d Animation, Concepts and enviromental design highlights!

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