Hasan Mahmood

3d lead/ 3d animation/ interactive design/ ai animation/creative concepting/ creative direction/art direction/ projection mapping/ 3d capture.

Primarily work for event based exhibitions on various screen spaces. I have worked in AR, VR, XR, MR, building assets and enviroments for real time and/or prerendered content or experiences. I have 3d lead and creative directed: physical spaces, interactive art installation, as well as, building web and game engine projects

Clients such as:

Newlab, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, Nike, Amazon, Warner Media, The North Face, Lululemon, TikTok, Coachella, JBL, Samsung, AT&T, Sandbox VR, Segment and more

Skills such as:

Cinema 4d, Redshift, Octane, Projection Mapping, AI Image/ Animation stable diffusion, 3D Scanning, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, User Experience Design, Adobe Suite, XParticles, Realflow, MoCap, Resolve, Photography/ Videography, Some Unreal, Some Marvelous Design, Some Touch Designer, Some Houdini, and various other plugins and apps

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Compound Gallery ‘The Art of Protest’
w/ dotdotdash

Roles:   - 3D animation
         - Asset preperation
dotdotdash partnered with New York's very own Compound arts and exhibitions gallery to launch a fully interactive, virtual gallery exhibition. This realtime, immersive experience showcased photography of Black Lives Matter demonstrations nationwide titled, “The Art of Protest.”

Photographs by a total of seven Black and Latino artists were featured in a livestream presentation including a visual by Roc Nation’s Lenny S. and legendary music engineer, Young Guru. Compound's co-founder, Set Free Richardson, hosted live discussions with each of the artists about their personal experiences in capturing these historic visuals.

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