Hasan Mahmood

3d lead/ 3d animation/ interactive design/ ai animation/creative concepting/ creative direction/art direction/ projection mapping/ 3d capture.

Primarily work for event based exhibitions on various screen spaces. I have worked in AR, VR, XR, MR, building assets and enviroments for real time and/or prerendered content or experiences. I have 3d lead and creative directed: physical spaces, interactive art installation, as well as, building web and game engine projects

Clients such as:

Newlab, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, Nike, Amazon, Warner Media, The North Face, Lululemon, TikTok, Coachella, JBL, Samsung, AT&T, Sandbox VR, Segment and more

Skills such as:

Cinema 4d, Redshift, Octane, Projection Mapping, AI Image/ Animation stable diffusion, 3D Scanning, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, User Experience Design, Adobe Suite, XParticles, Realflow, MoCap, Resolve, Photography/ Videography, Some Unreal, Some Marvelous Design, Some Touch Designer, Some Houdini, and various other plugins and apps

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Heron Preston for Calvin Klein
w/ dotdotdash

Roles:   - Creative Director
         - Art Director
         - 3D Animation
         - 3D Scanning
         - Story Boarding
We created an immerssive experience to express the passion that goes into a Calvin Klein collaboration. We reinforce the vision and provoke a reaction to drive curiosity and culture. Engage our consumers and invite the world to the limitless possibility of self-expression in a collage of product related photography, video and sound, put into a 3D world. The story driven by our 3 “P’s,” Person, Process, and Product, provide a wholestic experience of the culture being created.

Person: Explore the collaboration with Heron Preston as an artist, a cultural creator and as an individual.

Process: Highlight the passion and care that goes into the craft of creation across Calvin Klein and Heron Preston.

Product: Reveal the combination of the above through an exploratory web interface that draws the user in to engage and purchase.

Explore the transformative addition to their ad campaigns with this unity based project here: https://www.calvinklein.us/heron-preston/

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